Nonprofit and Mission-Driven Advisory

Jackson Hole’s work with nonprofit organizations applies substantial experience in the sector with a value-based approach to consulting—an approach rooted in an understanding of the sector’s special challenges and alert to the transplantation possibilities of for-profit best practices.

This approach positions Jackson Hole Group to provide guidance on governance, organizational effectiveness, nonprofit leadership, and the special relationship between nonprofit management and volunteer leaders. Our work encompasses a range of services including strategy development and implementation, impact measurement, program development, fundraising, capital campaign advisory, and board development and training.

Our client base is deep and is enriched by our own experience in the unique situations of nonprofit leadership. Jackson Hole partners serve on nonprofit boards; many serve on more than one. Our partners bring clients their knowledge of the nonprofit sector as executive leaders, consultants, and donors.

Case in point: A nonprofit board was launching a new long-term strategic plan. It needed better performance out of its senior leadership, and it needed it quickly. Jackson Hole Group worked with the client to build trust within the executive team, with immediate impact on execution and communication. This was accomplished through a set of “interventions” with members of the leadership supported by individual coaching. In advance of board meetings Jackson Hole Group’s ongoing advisory leant further support. A particular accomplishment was the creation of tools for “dialogues”—within the executive team and with the board.

Client testimonial: “For nonprofits the relationship between the executive team and the board is a different animal from what it is for a corporation. The Jackson Hole Group understands that, and it’s why our partnership with them works.” – J.S.

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