Firm Overview

The Jackson Hole Group was founded on the belief that when organizations possess a combination of clarity on their business strategy and a cohesive leadership team, they will produce superior results.  Building internal business practices that focus on operating results while cultivating an executive talent capability that can sustain outcomes is critical to any thriving enterprise.

The Partners of the Jackson Hole Group are seasoned executives with expertise in operating roles, organizational leadership roles and in teaching others how to increase the impact of their work. Our clients include small startup companies, multi-national corporations and mission-based nonprofits ranging from large to small.  Our expertise spans a broad range of industries, at various stages of business life cycles and includes public, private and nonprofit organizations.

Our work is confidential.  We do not name clients nor do we speak about specific client engagements.  This “trusted advisor” relationship has been the basis of our client relationships throughout the firm’s existence.  We take it seriously and our clients appreciate this discreet approach.  As a result, over 93% of all our engagements historically have come from current clients making an introduction on our behalf.

Each engagement is tailored to the individual client’s needs and each client has a single point of contact within our firm. In all our work, our goal is to leave our client with pragmatic knowledge and skills to enhance their business.

As a client of the Jackson Hole Group you have access to the full spectrum of knowledge, experience, expertise and intellectual capital of the firm.  Our internal collaborations are fluid, making sure the client’s needs are addressed by the full fire power of the firm.  This allows us to move quickly in responding to client needs and to be efficient in our work.  We view our work in the context of our relationship with our clients, rather than simply a series of projects.  It is this knowledge of our client’s business, executive team and competitive environment which allows us to be most effective in our work and to sustain long term relationships.

We are passionate about our work.  Helping others become even more successful is our goal.  Their success is our success and our reward.

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