Executive Effectiveness

Even senior leaders need support from experienced professionals to whom they can speak confidentially. Such trusted advisors can provide not only an essential sounding board but can also help the executive define clear metrics and approaches to take his or her performance to an even higher level.

Coaching for senior executives must be provided within the context of business goals and performance objectives. The relationship between coach and executive is confidential but it’s still a three-way partnership between the coach, the organization and the executive being coached. All parties to the partnership commit to defining success. Jackson Hole views this as part of a comprehensive talent management and executive development strategy. The work is intense, immediate and requires far more communication than conventional executive coaching.

Case in point: A division president was not performing up to expectations. Convinced of the manager’s potential but under pressure from the board to make a change, the corporate CEO brought in Jackson Hole Group. This was certainly not the best way to begin a coaching relationship. But a special partnership was created between the executive and the coach. For one thing, now two people were accountable for performance goals. Over a six-month period their collaboration created new awareness in the executive, a plan of action toward specific goals and a support system that sustained permanent change in the executive’s performance.

Client testimonial: “My partnership with Jackson Hole Group saved the career of a talented executive in our organization. And that has had direct benefits for revenue development ever since.” – R.G.

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