Business Advising

CEOs have few “safe harbors” where they can share their concerns, get unvarnished perspectives or pressure-test their thinking. Beyond being lonely at the top, quite often it’s also isolating.

In our Business Advising practice, the Jackson Hole Group serves as an experienced thought partner to the CEO, available to her or him on an “as needed” basis. In this role, Jackson Hole Group draws on its deep operating experience to be a trusted confidante on a range of issues, from evaluating the implications of strategic options or talking through how best to overcome the challenges of business transformation, to the relationship with the Board or thinking through solutions to organizational conflict. Business and corporate strategy is multifaceted and the breadth of Jackson Hole Group expertise enables our clients to fully address this complexity.

Case in point: Jackson Hole Group was engaged to assist in the transformation of a successful multi-billion dollar U.S. retailer from a U.S. store-based model to a global, omni-channel business model. While the vision and strategy had been clearly articulated, our focus with the CEO and Executive team was to help ensure that the strategy was aligned with processes, talent requirements, organizational structure, roles, decision rights, metrics, and incentives utilizing a comprehensive, facilitated, and structured approach. As a trusted advisor to the CEO and Executive team, we equipped them with the tools to effectively communicate and implement a major strategic change and to actively engage their employees.

Client testimonial: “It’s one thing to have a big vision. It’s another to put the people and structures in place to realize it. That’s why we work with the Jackson Hole Group.” R.H.

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