Odin Zackman

Odin Zackman

Odin Zackman is a strategist and facilitator specializing in organizational change and leadership development.

His consulting practice includes a range of skills and services including coaching executive staff, team-building, conflict resolution, organizational change and learning processes, facilitating strategic visioning and planning, and offering leadership development and organizational skills training.

Odin has worked regionally, statewide, nationally and globally supporting nonprofit groups, public sector agencies, and private companies. He has served organizations at all scales—from neighborhood-level community associations and small businesses to Federal agencies and multi-national corporations.

His particular interest focuses on engaging employees in strategy and change management efforts, building effective teams and networks within and across organizations, designing and delivering training programs, and facilitating organizational learning. He has run dozens of meetings, processes, and workshops focused on organizational strategy, effectiveness, partnership-building, and innovation

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