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Laura Stone
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Laura Stone helps people live their lives fully by enabling people to see their own potential in all aspects of their lives. Her career has been about helping good executives become great leaders and helping executives, leadership teams and organizations achieve their highest levels of authenticity, performance and potential. Laura provides world class coaching of leaders and high potentials using current neural science research that allows executives to step back and evaluate the seeds of their strategy and the social, political and organizational impacts.

Clients range from senior executives of a Fortune 50 global organizations to a CEO of a global yacht building company. Laura focuses on helping clients harness the power of their own thinking to shift to greater self-awareness, allowing them to make conscious choices that directly impact performance and make the changes effective and sustainable.

Laura is a master trainer/coach of the David McClelland Motive Research from the Harvard’s School of Social Relations. Laura has taught leadership development and coaching as a faculty member including GE Crotonville, Unilever and Fidelity Investments.

Laura is a contributing editor for HRO Today, serving as a thought leader on change and transformation. She has also published articles in major business journals including Strategy & Leadership, Women’s Business Boston, US Business Journal. Business Strategy Magazine selected Laura’s article, “When an Initiative Is Stalled by Warring Factions” for re-publication in Strategic Direction Journal’s collection of “best articles.” Laura was quoted extensively in a major Harvard Management Update article on the topic of “Diagnosing and Fixing Dysfunctional Teams.”

She formerly held a U.S. Coast Guard license to captain 50-ton vessels, and currently enjoys learning Spanish, energy medicine, being with her family, being on the water and playing with two cool kids, Sophie and Jackson as well as participating in triathlons in her spare time.

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