Interim Management

Eventually every organization finds itself with a vacancy in an essential executive position. It may be the result of an unanticipated departure, a resignation, illness or a manager’s transfer to another role. When vacancies occur, the choice for an organization is to either fill the hole quickly or navigate the transition with an interim manager.

Jackson Hole Group has built a bench of strong executive talent that provides interim leadership for business initiatives or organization needs that can’t wait for a search to be completed. This gives clients time to carefully select a high-impact executive for the long term.

Interim managers don’t fill a role just for maintenance. They bring experience to client challenges, hitting deliverables and providing continuity of leadership. Frequently they assist in the recruitment of candidates for a vacancy. Central elements of these assignments often include coaching the successor, onboarding, and integration into the leadership team.

Clients of the Interim Management practice have access to the dedicated expertise of Jackson Hole principals, who are themselves supported by the full resources of the firm. For clients this means stability and time to focus on transition.

Case in point: At a pivotal point in its history a Jackson Hole Group client needed a new CEO. The board had to consider internal and external candidates for the job without disrupting the work of the senior leadership. Jackson Hole was asked to provide an acting CEO. It served in that capacity for seven months. During this period the interim CEO reduced operating expenses 34 percent, retained internal talent and set up the organization for a successful sale. The asset value of the organization grew and the organization moved forward with a new infusion of capital.

Client testimonial: “We’re a growing technology firm, and that’s great. But fast growth brings problems for a young company like ours. Jackson Hole Group has been indispensable in helping us manage fast growth.” – E.L.

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